Daisy is a former Broadway actress (OK, talent!) turned comedy writer/songwriter (wait, what?), and is a proud born and raised Jersey girl. She is the creator of the popular musical web series OUTCAST, which is the first series of it's kind written by, starring, composed by and directed by an African-American woman (OK...she's an ACTUAL icon...) and she can currently be heard on the SYFY adult animated series MAGICAL GIRLFRIEND FRIENDSHIP SQUAD with Quinta Brunson. Daisy was a house performer at UCBTNY and her humor writing has been featured in McSweeney's, among others. 

Like Bo Burnham, Weird Al, Catherine Cohen and Rachel Bloom, Daisy writes comedic songs that evoke joy, while also making you think about deeper issues. Given a topic, she can write a catchy tune in as little as 30 mins, and her Mom thinks she birthed the Beyonce of Musical Comedy.

Daisy also writes things that aren't songs too (but are definitely musical leaning)! Her pilot "I-CON-IC" was a semi-finalist at the Nashville Screenplay Competition and Screencraft TV Pilot Competition. Her recent short, TONE DEAF, about a Black woman who realizes her favorite White 90's boy band miiight definitely be racist? recently played the Vail Film Festival.

In her spare time, Daisy enjoys creating original characters, writing sketches, making  music video parodies and performing stand-up. 

Daisy is currently working on an EP full of nothing but BOPS, ya'll. 

Daisy attended Carnegie Mellon University for Musical Theater on a full talent scholarship (but somehow still paid off like 80K in student loans? Make it make sense.)

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